A day in the life of an Engineering student

Katie Hodgson

Typically, before the pandemic, I would wake up at 6:30 am for morning swim training 7-9 am at Freemans Quay Leisure Centre, I would then get out slightly early from training so that I could make it to the Science Site in time for lectures. Engineering has quite a lot of contact hours so I would tend to spend the day in lectures or working in the Engineering Department with some of the other engineers. In the afternoon/evening, I tend to spend time with some of my college friends and housemates.

I am a member of the university swim team and so spend time swimming and socialising with some of the swimmers. In 1st year, I was also a member of college netball and lacrosse, which was great fun! I sometimes get involved with the volunteering events in college and had a part-time job as a campus ambassador for ProjectSet.

Riverview Kitchen

I love going for walks with a coffee or sitting and having a catch up in a coffee shop – I tend to mix it up, but I do really enjoy going to Riverview Kitchen and looking forward to it opening again soon. In the evening I enjoy having a nice dinner, going out for a drink and watching a movie with my housemates.

There is so much variation week on week (pre-covid of course!) Depending on when deadlines are and if there are any social activities coming up, this tends to shape each week. In my first year, I tried to make sure I got all my work done during the week so that the weekends were just for spending time with my friends and doing other activities. My weekends in 2nd and 3rd year, typically involved catching up on a few bits of work or working towards my deadlines!

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Katie Hodgson

I am in my 3rd year and study engineering, this year I have chosen to specialise in Civil Engineering. I am in Castle (University College) and I love everything about a college environment.

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