Footprint 2021: Taking steps towards a more positive and sustainable future
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Footprint 2021: Taking steps towards a more positive and sustainable future

Footprint was supposed to be a one off. In 2018, we aimed to bring people together with a lineup of outstanding speakers in an open forum to discuss environmental action in Durham. Little did we know that out of that first event, a group of astonishing Durham students would decide to take the next step and organise Footprint…
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Durham Jargon

Before coming to Durham, I was completely clueless about the student jargon, I found myself hearing all of these words such as ‘JCR Levy,’ ‘Matriculation’ and ‘Billy Bee’ and getting slightly confused. Here is my guide to the Durham Jargon – so you don’t have to be as confused as I was! Billy B…
Location, location, location
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Location, location, location

Moving to a new place can be a very daunting experience, but when you’re coming to a great place like Durham it makes things a little easier! Durham City is diverse in its range of opportunities, including cafés, shops and its own market hall by day, and a wide range of bars, restaurants and clubs during evening hours (in…
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Durham by night

Durham of course, in normal times (I’m talking pre-pandemic here) offers the opportunity for those legally aged to drink in bars and go to clubs in the city, but this blog is for those who are under 18, having a night off, or just don’t want to drink – there are plenty of other options available for you. Another…