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Student food and fending for myself

In my first year – like most students here at Durham – I was in catered accommodation. St. Mary’s is a fully catered college with its own kitchen and large dining hall, and it was there that I got most of my meals last year. This year is slightly different though, I have chosen to live out of college in a privately rented…
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From the North of London to the North of England.... Expectation v's Reality

Applying to university is not always a straightforward choice for everyone. Some students have aspired to go to a particular university before they even choose their A-levels, others still struggle to decide on one even after they have received their offers; I happened to be the latter. How did I decide to study at…
Lessons from Durham University
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Lessons from Durham University

Having thoroughly enjoyed my time at Durham University, I thought I would share a few of my personal lessons and thoughts. Hopefully, this will give you some tips if you are off to Durham Uni or other universities. Most importantly, university is what you make of it. Going to uni doesn’t guarantee you a great time like…