College allocation, not your preferred choice? Don’t panic!

Katie Garratt

Not Collingwood but Trev’s

Durham Colleges can be an enigma. When I was asked to choose a college I did some extensive research, Collingwood College would be the ideal college for me.

I panicked when a few months later, I opened an email assigning me: ‘Trevelyan College’. I had not considered Trevelyan when applying. However, my first year living in Trev’s was incredible, and looking back now I would not wish to be put in any other college and here’s why…


Trev’s have incredible facilities, a convenient library, bar, gym, IT room, dining hall and tuck shop. And all under one roof! But my favourite part of Trev’s is the back lawn behind the college. This space was a haven during our summer term, where we played rounders, football and lay in the sunshine after we finished our exams. It feels secluded and peaceful, a lovely space to escape busy university life.

Sports and societies

I love sport, which was one of the reasons I selected Collingwood as my preferred college, however, Trev’s has plenty of opportunities to be involved with sports and societies. In my first year, I played netball, rugby, lacrosse, football, darts, and rounders! I am currently captain of Trev’s netball team and I also captain Trev’s women’s darts team (despite never throwing a dart before university!). The opportunities for sports and societies are mostly even across all the colleges, so no matter where you are allocated, you can get stuck in!

Trev’s Summer Ball

In the summer term, after exams, Trev’s hosts their annual Summer Ball. This is one of my favourite memories from my first year. The evening involved live music, fireworks and rides at a nearby venue, before returning to Trev’s in the early morning, where we watched the sunrise from a nearby viewpoint and had a ‘survivors’ breakfast’. It was such a wonderful night with my friends, celebrating the end of our first year.

Don’t panic

So if like me, you didn’t receive your preferred college, do not panic! I’m sure you’ll soon end up having a strong sense of pride and belonging for your newfound college. I love Trev’s, and the experiences it has allowed me and the people I have met. I couldn’t imagine, or wish to be anywhere else!

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Katie Garratt

Hi, I’m Katie and I am currently a 2nd year Human Geography student at Trevelyan College. As well as my degree, I have a particular love for sport. I represent Durham in trampolining, but I also captain Trevelyan College netball team, Trevelyan college darts team and play for the Trevelyan/Grey college rugby team.

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