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Hello world….computers, careers, and completing the puzzle

About me

My name is Kaalkidan (Kaal) Sahele and I’m a first-year studying Computer Science at Durham University. I came here with the intention of getting involved in as many computational projects and computing-related opportunities as possible because I love having an active mind and exploring the never-ending maze that is the world of academia and I have yet to be disappointed by it.

My admiration for the subject goes a lot deeper than the job prospects it can offer. I often like to look at the world as the most intricate, infinite and seemingly impossible puzzle. For every unsolved problem, there is a missing piece and for decades, the puzzle has remained incomplete. Computer science is a powerful tool helping to fill those gaps. Communication, education and health care are all examples of areas that have felt the ripple effect and are now thriving. This is one of the many reasons I love my degree so much.

What I like about computer science

I’m a scientist at heart so my favourite part about computer science is maths. Particularly quantum computing, which not only implements maths and computer science but quantum mechanics too. As a STEM enthusiast – it doesn’t get much better than that! There is something innately fascinating about redefining all the theorems and laws of computer science we knew to be true and adapting them to a quantum mechanical equivalent. I was never able to see the birth of computer science, but I have always felt its impact. Today, we are all here for the birth of quantum computer science and we get to be the first to witness its potential impacts. I think it acts as a testimony to how deep the field is and how much there is yet to discover.

I hope to go on to do a PhD in quantum computer science and hopefully contribute to this field by pushing the confines of human knowledge just that little bit further. I would love to proceed that with taking up a research post somewhere – I love the world of academia a little too much to give it all up. The dream would be to stay in computational and mathematical research and work with other researchers to try and add another piece to the puzzle board.

I look forward to the day the puzzle is complete.

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Kaalkidan Sahele

My name is Kaalkidan (Kaal) Sahele and I’m a first year studying Computer Science at Durham
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