Locked down and staying fit with Team Durham!

Olivia French

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am a 2nd year studying Maths. I am also a member of Durham University tennis which normally takes up a lot of my time (check out my ‘Team Durham Student-Athlete Experience’ blog I did this time last year and my ‘Day in the Life’ Instagram story for @thedurhamstudent. However, with the new restrictions, we are no longer able to train. I have really missed being able to play the sport I love and can’t wait to be back on the court. While we wait for the restrictions to be lifted, I’ve turned my attention to cycling, running, and the Fitness Centre online classes!

I heard about the online classes on Twitter and when I was planning my timetable, they have provided some much-needed structure to my week. With the majority of my course being taught via pre-recorded lectures, you have to be pretty self-motivated not to fall behind on material. To then also motivate yourself to do strength training in your room when you are already tired and your bed is right there is very tough! As the classes are at fixed times it makes it easier to block out those 30/45 minutes of your day and just do the session.

My favourite classes are core and flexibility; they are helping maintain the trunk and upper body strength that I need to perform well on the court. The flexibility routines have also proved to be beneficial for recovery after long runs/rides. All the session leaders are really nice and helpful and varied interaction outside your own household during lockdown is another way to help maintain your mental health.

I would highly recommend the classes to anyone who wants structured workouts and have a slice of normality returned to their lives!

 The Fitness Centre Online Programme

The Team Durham Fitness Team have been working hard over the lockdown period to ensure that the Durham University community can maintain their activity levels throughout these unprecedented times.

From delivering live virtual classes via Teams to uploading pre-recorded content to their YouTube and Facebook channels, the staff have continued to work hard to give staff and students every opportunity to stay active throughout lockdown.

The fitness team have a comprehensive virtual exercise class timetable that they are delivering 5 days a week on teams for staff and students to be involved in. A lot of thought has gone into the timetable structure to ensure all groups are catered for. From clubbercise to HIIT workouts to flexibility classes, there is really something for everyone.

Maintaining our activity levels throughout the pandemic is essential, not just for or physical health but also for our mental wellbeing and that is why we want to make these classes as accessible as possible to all staff and students. 

Classes include

Additional information:

  • Flexibility
  • BoxHIIT
  • Legs, Bums, and Tums
  • HIITStep
  • Metafit
  • Core
  • Abs
  • Clubbercise
  • Circuits
  • Tempo training
  • HIIT

Sign up to these exercise classes here

View pre-recorded workouts on YouTube here

Follow the team on Facebook @thefitnesscentredurham and @tdqueenssport and Instagram @thefitnesscentredurham and @tdqueenssport for helpful tips to keep you motivated and moving.

Olivia French

Hi! My name is Olivia and I am a 3rd year studying Maths. When I started at Durham in 2019 I played tennis but since lockdown, I have switched sports to cycling and I love it! You can read more of my story in other blogs I have written https://sites.durham.ac.uk/studentblog/a-team-durham-student-athlete-experience/ and  https://sites.durham.ac.uk/studentblog/how-i-kept-fit-and-found-a-new-sport-in-lockdown

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