Welcome to Grey College!

Alexandros Mitsios

We are very happy to have you as part of our big family. In this blog, I want to talk a bit about my experience of being part of Grey as well as what it was like to live in college during the first year of my degree.

Why Grey?

It took just a quick look on the map to make me consider Grey College as my top choice. Its location was more than ideal for me as my department (Psychology) happened to be just a three minute walk away! But not only that! Next to the college grounds lay a lush and beautiful forest. For me that was the deal maker; I love nature!

But it wasn’t just the location. Grey College checked all my boxes: a) it is fully catered for 1st year students, b) it had the option for en-suite rooms and c) it is a formal college, meaning that it hosts formal dinners with traditional gowns! All of these factors helped me a lot in making my decision and I am very happy that it became my preferred college.

My favourite parts of college life

Being a member of a college is an amazing way to enrich your time as a student and to make the most of your years at university. In Durham, colleges work like tight communities with values of care, respect, and support, almost like a family.

For me, the best part of college life has been the strong friendships I have created in this tight community. By living in college, I had the opportunity to be very close to new people that I got to meet more and more through the college’s sports and societies. The close proximity of being in college together allowed our friendships to grow. I am very grateful that I got to make those connections and I will cherish those friendships forever!

A day in the life of a student in Grey College

Waking up, I am definitely very hungry, so I quickly get dressed and pop to the dining hall! I can choose anything I want for breakfast as well as a big coffee (or two). A very short walk later I am already in my lecture theatre ready for my 9am lecture to begin.

At 11am, I head to the college’s quiet library and write down my notes from the lecture and without even realising it, it is time for lunch. Back to the dining hall, I get a tasty lunch that fuels me up just right before my practical. I spend the next three hours working in the lab!

It is finally time to go home and a quick walk back to college gets me to my room where I relax and do some casual admin. Time goes by quickly and at 6pm, a knock on my door reminds me that it is dinner time. My friends and I head to the dining hall once more where we all get to talk about our day while enjoying a filling dinner.

It is officially relaxing time, and I can now enjoy the social life in college. I go straight to the Junior Common Room with my group and there are already people there, hanging out. We play pool for some time (I win!) and then we decide to use the TV room to play some Wii Sports!

A few hours later and I am pretty tired. I head back to my room; I shower and in no time, I am ready for bed. I am sure tomorrow will be equally as good as today and I am excited!

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Alexandros Mitsios

Hello! I am Alexandros and I am a second year student here at Durham University studying BSc Psychology. I grew up in Manchester and I have a strong passion for clinical psychology and mental health support services. My personal interests include badminton, old music, and nature walks!

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