Welcome to Trevelyan College…

Niamh Llewellyn

…a college that embodies the spirit of Durham University where all interests are not only recognised but encouraged. As you explore your interests at Trevs, you will be fully supported by the Welfare Team through your entire time at Durham. I hope this blog gives you an insight into what to expect as a fresher and in your first year as a Trevelyanite.

with some of the Freps and our mascot, Trevor!

First day

Following the warm welcome given by the Freps (freshers reps) and our mascot Trevor, you are moved into your room and introduced to your landing mates. This experience was very daunting, but you soon realise that everyone feels the same way, taking away the frightening aspect. As awkward as the first moments of the landing meeting may be, everyone quickly opens up in search of new friends. For instance, the two girls I ended up sitting next to are now my best friends and future housemates. In the first few weeks, engage in the activities put on by the Freps, but don’t stress if you don’t find your people instantly – it will come with time.

Fresher’s week!

Favourite moments

During fresher’s week, you will experience the traditions of the landing formal and the university matriculation. You will also be given the opportunity to sign the college matriculation book at some point during the week. The fresher’s bop is also a pivotal moment within Trevs where you are given a glimpse of what to expect with bigger events later on in the year with regards to the entertainment and food. Just know that the events will get bigger and better as the social committee works with a larger budget each time. Some of my favourite memories have come from the events held at Trevs! Being able to interact with fellow students who are not just solely located on your landing is a great way to expand your social circle.

favourite moments at Trevs with friends

With Trevs being known as the musical college, there are many musical events you can experience in first year without any additional cost. Trevs Bar famously hosts unplugged nights where your fellow Trevelyanites will be performing and showcasing their talents. Unplugged nights are a great way to support your friends, if they are performing, or have a social night and good entertainment. As some of my fellow landing mates have previously performed in the unplugged nights, it’s been a great way to go down and support their endeavours and connect with them over their passions.

On-site facilities

A great aspect of Trevs is the layout of the landings which allows you to socialise with your friends. All of the landings are connected meaning you can easily explore Trevs. It also means you don’t have to leave the building for meals or laundry, meaning you will not get rained on in the winter months.

As a first year, you are given the opportunity to familiarise yourself and utilise the other amenities college has to offer. These include a newly refurbished gym, where even as a beginner you are made to feel welcome and can join sessions to gain a greater understanding of fitness. We also have the Dowrick Suite (Trevs theatre) where you can not only host your own movie night with friends, but also get to witness the wonderful performances our theatre company (Sixth Side Theatre Company) put on. Trevs is a college where students are given the liberty to explore college facilities and make the most out of their stay here, whether that be with an already existing society or just for themselves. 

our newly refurbished gym at Trevs

Pro tips

Bring some formal wear with you

As Trevs is a gowned college, we have formals on a roughly monthly basis. I would recommend bringing formal wear (including formal shoes) and black tie options to ensure you can participate and will be correctly dressed for all occasions. When the formals are first introduced with all their rules and etiquette, it can be quite stressful. However, they are an excuse to dress up nicely and have fun with your friends. Make the most of them as you get to wear your gown!

All dressed up for a formal with friends

Catering in college

When it comes to the catering, it won’t be the same as the food at home but keep an open mind to the various options available to you and you will be sure to find something. The kitchen staff are able to accommodate any dietary requirements and are there to help you, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Bring some of home with you

Be sure to bring decorations and parts of home with you, to bridge the gap and ease the transition. Items I have brought with me that helped were photos of friends and family, books and posters. If you make your room feel like home, Trevs will not feel as huge a leap.

Make memories and remember to document them!

Make the most of living in Trevs when you can as it flies by extremely quickly. Use the facilities, explore the grounds, make memories, and document as much as you can. Photos and videos are always a great way to reminisce on your time spent in college.

Even if Trevs is not your first pick, you will come to love the atmosphere of this fantastic college. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and am grateful to call Trevs home. I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy being a fresher at Trevs as much as I did.

Stay Hexy!

Niamh Llewellyn

Hi, I’m Niamh and I am currently a first year criminology student at Trevelyan College. In addition to my degree I am interested in sport especially swimming and rowing. Another one of my passions is music and in my spare time I love to play the piano whenever I get the chance.

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