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Kimberly Chitifa

Welcome to Trevelyan College at Durham University, affectionately known as Trevs! Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a sports lover, or in need of welfare support, Trevs has something to offer everyone, and I have found my experience here amazing.

I have enjoyed being a part of Trevs and feel connected to many people there. It’s a great college for you if you are quite musical. For example, I’ve performed at unplugged events and a black-tie event called ‘Live on the Hill’, which features a live jazz orchestra and singers. Whatever college you select, you will enjoy your time if you make the most of it!

Sports – competitive and non-competitive

Whilst most people live in college in their first year, this is not required. Despite this, you are still welcome into college and will be a part of its community throughout your degree. As a third-year student, I no longer live in college, but I do still spend a significant amount of time there as I am involved in college sports and like to visit my friends who do still live in college. I am a cheerleader for Trevs Cheer, which is fun because there is an intercollegiate competition every year for each college to compete against each other. In Trevs, anyone can participate in sports, with tryouts limited to the top teams in sports such as football and netball. This is a great opportunity for people who want to participate in sports but don’t want to be overly competitive or don’t have as much experience.

me and Amelia at cheer camp

So many fun events!

Another fun part about the college community is the events, for example, Trevs has a winter ball held at college and a summer ball at an external location. Most colleges also have a dedicated day/night (Trevs Day and Trevs Night) with fun activities, such as mini golf and silent discos. Trevs also has a music festival called Trevstock, where our musicians perform outside in an unplugged-style event. These events are great opportunities to socialise with your college community from all year groups and enjoy some entertainment.

Colleges are welcoming, with your welfare in mind

University can be a big step up from college or sixth form, so having a good community to welcome you is really important. What is special about colleges is that there are welfare systems in place that you can turn to if you need help or advice. Trevs has designated welfare officers, as well as POC, LGBTQ+ and working-class students’ reps, whose job is to listen to any welfare issues and escalate them if they are particularly serious. Welfare officers usually have a time/date you can drop in for, making it flexible and accessible for everyone. This system is helpful because it removes some of the pressure of seeking help or guidance.

The entrance to Trevs

Colleges are also somewhere you can develop your CV! Trevs have a (hexagonal-shaped) bar and a buttery, a small shop with snacks, essentials and even a toastie bar, where students can work at the till. This means you can work somewhere you are more familiar with and connect with people in your community.

Whilst thinking about the jump from college/sixth form might be stressful, college communities are definitely something that can help alleviate that at Durham, as there is a close network between other students and the staff around the college.

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Kimberly Chitifa

Hi! My name’s Kimberly and I am a Graduate Student Ambassador in Recruitment and Admissions. I studied Law, and was at Trevelyan College. My hobbies include trampolining, singing and playing guitar.

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