What’s it like studying Law?

Abi Harvey

Deciding to firm Durham for law was one of the best decisions of my life. However, it was a decision based entirely on the university website, rankings and vibes. There were numerous aspects of what it is like to study Law at Durham which could only be known by someone who has experienced it first hand – I will share with you the best of what is to come!

Interesting twists make it super unique

Studying Law at Durham is a super unique experience, where even something seemingly ordinary has an interesting twist. An example of this is the teaching style at Durham, where the seminars and tutorials allow you to explore different topics in depth and bounce ideas off each other. They can take many different forms, and might involve you making a presentation, or working on a group project together!

What makes studying at Durham stand out?

What you learn in these settings is equally as interesting. What makes Durham stand out is that the compulsory Qualifying Law Degree subjects (we’re talking about Contract Law, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law, for example) are completed in first and part of second year. This leaves you with second year and third year to explore modules that you have fully chosen. And what an exciting variety you can choose from! Personally, my favourite this year has been Biolaw. Here, we have answered questions ranging from if it is possible to read minds (surprisingly, it is), to how to best protect our oceans – all delivered by experts from around the world.

What opportunities are available at Durham?

However, Durham doesn’t just shine for its academics. There is also an exciting and incredibly varied mix of extra-curriculars to get involved in at the Law School. Something unique to Durham is the opportunity to get involved in academic institutions – these conduct research and provide opportunities for students get involved in (and run!) events. These events are extensive, from essay competitions, to debates, to incredibly fun socials. On top of this, there is an institution for just about every area of law you can think of – from Commercial to Legal Philosophy.

A good selection of societies…

Of course, there are also the various societies to get involved with! There are so many, and they all serve different, important purposes. Some are related to future career aspirations, such as the Bar Society, and provide useful resources and careers events. Others provide competitions to get involved in (such as the Mooting Society) or projects for the community (the Pro Bono Society is a good one for this, and one of my personal favourites).

…and the chance to make your own!

However, what stands out for me is, if you want to, the ease of creating a new society. This allows you to fully tailor your University experience to what you want and need – and gain a few new skills along the way. One of my favourite newer societies is the Women in Law society who post exciting blogs, spotlight inspirational women, and advertise exciting opportunities! For me, Durham has it all.

Such a sense of community

My highlight of studying law at Durham has been the sense of community that I have felt since arriving here. The lecturers are incredibly friendly, approachable, and always happy to talk about their subject! Additionally, my academic advisor has been incredibly helpful in aiding my next steps and study strategies. And last, (but not least), the student community is second to none; the atmosphere is nothing but collaborative and uplifting.

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Our Law School is a world leader in legal education, ranked 7th in The Complete University Guide 2022.  

Our award-winning academic staff deliver a cutting-edge, research-led curriculum through small-group teaching that is much prized by employers. Our graduates go on to great things and include some of law’s leading figures, for example, current or previous members of the UK Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and Members of Parliament. 

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Abi Harvey

Hi! My Name is Abi and I am a Second Year Law student from St Chad’s College. I enjoy engaging in a wide range of events at Durham! Particularly, for my college, I play netball, enjoy the gym, and enjoy planning volunteering events as Outreach Officer.

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