What’s it like studying Psychology?

Alexandros Mitsios

Studying psychology has been a lot of fun for me. I have got to learn a lot about topics that I find interesting as well as new fields that I didn’t know about. The course has taught me many things about organisation and structure and has provided me with academic skills as well as professional and personal growth.

How did I decide that I wanted to study Psychology?

I did not know much about psychology up until I started my A-Levels. Psychology was one of my options and at the time it just sounded interesting enough and not boring. I was more than happily surprised when I realised that the subject area of psychology was a hidden and fascinating world.

During my two years of sixth form, my interest became stronger, and it eventually turned into a passion. I was also very lucky to have a supportive teacher that made lessons as fun and engaging as they could be. When the time came to apply to university, I knew that psychology would be my focus!

What do I enjoy the most about the course/department?

Studying Psychology at Durham University is a great decision to make for anyone interested in the strong scientific foundations behind it. I am very happy that I have been able to explore so many different aspects of Psychology; from intelligence and memory to visual perception and cognition, Durham offers a great variety of topics to learn from and experience.

In addition to the plethora and variety of options, the Psychology department here at Durham offers a lot of support and help to students! Through drop-ins, extra-help classes and easy access to professors for questions and assistance, it is very easy to get the support you need in order to progress academically.

Academic societies

Aside from the amazing societies, groups and sports found here at Durham, psychology students have the amazing opportunity of being members of the Durham University Psychology Society (DUPSOC). Joining the society was one of the best decisions I made as a student here. It is a great opportunity to socialise and engage with students from our course in addition to being a great support system for any academic needs!

Through DUPSOC, I have made some very close friends and I have received some invaluable help with my coursework. The society offers an amazing ‘parenting’ scheme where senior students (parents) get paired with the new students at the course (children). It is a great way to get help when you need it as well as a good opportunity to discuss more on the topics you love!

Getting involved in academic projects

As part of the psychology degree here at Durham, students are required to sign up to different studies conducted by other students and by the professors themselves. We have the great opportunity of experiencing what it is like to be a participant first hand and that is a great way to learn more and gain a better idea of what it is like to be a researcher. In the studies, you might get to do an EEG scan or a lab experiment! It is a lot of fun as well as a great way to learn more about your favourite areas and talk with professionals in the field.

Discover more

Our Department of Psychology prides itself on being a collegiate and welcoming department, committed to success for all who work here. Through dedicated teaching sessions, an optional placement module, external speakers and even an employability retreat – we actively prepare students for working life. We are proud to be ranked in the Top 10 Psychology departments in the UK by The Complete University Guide 2022. 

Feeling inspired? Visit our Psychology webpages to learn more about our postgraduate and undergraduate programmes.

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Alexandros Mitsios

Hello! I am Alexandros and I am a second year student here at Durham University studying BSc Psychology. I grew up in Manchester and I have a strong passion for clinical psychology and mental health support services. My personal interests include badminton, old music, and nature walks!

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