Why did I choose to study in the North East? (UK student edition)

Alex Roy

How did I choose my degree?

I have known that theology would be my chosen course at university for a while, after I thoroughly enjoyed Religious Education (RE) at GCSE and Religious Studies (RS) at A-level, so it only felt right to continue with it at a higher level. I had some initial worries, particularly regarding the stereotype that a theology degree doesn’t allow for many job opportunities post-degree, but I quickly learned that this is simply not true. In fact, through developing key skills through this course, of critical analysis, text interpretation, essay writing and speed-reading, studying theology leaves many doors open in the world of work, as well as post-graduate study.

Why Durham?

Durham itself was on my list of chosen universities from the beginning. I liked the look of the potential modules I could study, as listed on the university website, but it was the city itself which convinced me to study here. Although it is a ‘city’, it is nowhere near as big as the cities I was used to back home in the south, as it has a much smaller, cosier feel about it. The Cathedral, situated right in the middle of Durham, is an absolute spectacle, and somewhere I currently enjoy spending lots of my time. The city looks beautiful at every point in the year – bursting with colour in autumn, then blanketed with snow in winter, followed by new life of budding flowers in spring, and glistening sun in summer – I cannot think of anywhere I would rather spend my time as I complete my studies!

One of the many beautiful green areas of Durham

College life

With my home being in the South-East, I had some apprehensions about living so far away from home, but these worries quickly disappeared as I began my time here. The collegiate system means that you have a huge sense of community in your living space. In my own experience, being in a catered college (St Aidan’s) has been perfect, because it means I have time allocated each day for socialising over mealtimes, as I dine with my friends. It also means that I don’t have to worry about doing any cooking or any washing up which is wonderful!

Outside of my studies

Outside of my degree, there are so many opportunities for enrichment through societies. I am a member of several societies, my favourite of which being the theology society. They host many events – both social and more academic – and I have enjoyed several academic talks and addresses over the course of my first term at Durham. My favourite of these was an address delivered by the loveliest group of LDS missionaries, which was just fascinating! There are so many opportunities to be had, and definitely something for everyone!

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Alex Roy

My name is Alex Roy, and I am a first year philosophy and theology student. I am in St Aidan’s College. Outside of my studies, I love musical theatre, dance, journaling and going to coffee shops with my friends!

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