Why South College?

Freya Loveric-Kemp

As one of only four entirely self-catered colleges at Durham, South College is a very attractive option for many. Combined with its newness and beautiful accommodation, it was a no-brainer for me, and it is for many others too.

Whilst it’s commonly said that everyone at Durham thinks that their college is the best, I can safely say that it is through South College that I made some unforgettable memories in first and second year and met incredible and like-minded people who have formed my closest network of friends even now that I live out.


South College buildings are divided between flats and townhouses. Flats typically house 8 students, each with en-suite bathrooms and a shared kitchen. Each building is usually made up of 6 flats so there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with other flats in your building and beyond.

The townhouses are more similar to a student house, with their own front door and one large, shared kitchen on the bottom floor, with a living room and 3 floors of bedrooms above, with one bathroom shared between two bedrooms.

Unlike many other colleges, South’s self-catered setup gives each house or flat a communal area, with sofas in the kitchen which are perfect for socialising with your housemates or other members of college. This is where my housemates and I spent most of our time in first year.

South College accommodation


One thing that must be said about South is the way that it cares for its students. Weekly check in emails from the college Vice Principal, and a welfare team whose door is always open to students, is a huge comfort in those first few months where the jump from school to university can be overwhelming.

In the later months during exam season, the Junior Common Room (JCR) organised wellbeing events like a petting zoo and puppy play to help us manage stress levels and bring some fun to exams.

kidding around at the petting zoo

South College events

As someone who was initially concerned about missing out on Durham’s renowned traditions at a newer college, I can say that after a week at South I was no longer worried. South is a gowned college so at college formals, we get to take a break from cooking for ourselves and enjoy some great warm food with friends; we get to wear our gowns over our formal attire, which feels very Harry Potter if that’s what you’re looking for! The college Christmas and Summer balls have been some highlights of my time at Durham so far, as they’re a great way to round off the term or the year, mixing with the rest of the college across all years of study and enjoying a fun-filled evening of great food and entertainment with your friends.

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Freya Loveric-Kemp

Hi! My name is Freya and I am in my second year studying Modern Languages (French and beginners German) and I’m in South College. I have rowed for the University and this year I am volunteering with Durham University Otters Swim Club.

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