Tanisha – my first day at Durham

First-day nerves Going to university can be extremely daunting, and the first day is no exception. So to any nervous freshers, here’s how my first day was. I moved to uni on the 26th of September 2021. I was incredibly nervous because it was the first time I would be living away from my family. […]

Mia – my first day at Durham

Not far to travel Your first day at university tends to be one of the few, monumental moments in life that you will never forget. For me, it was a day I had waited long and hard to experience and it certainly lived up to every expectation that my childhood self had dreamed about for […]

Siobhan – my first day at Durham

When I arrived in Durham on the 30th of September 2018, there was no way I could’ve predicted what lay ahead of me. A degree change, a global pandemic and two extra years to finish my undergrad were nowhere on my peripheral – but even if it was, I’m not sure it would’ve changed how […]

Claudia – my first day at Durham

My first day at Durham was, as you might expect, a whirlwind of experience. The sun was shining, the bells were ringing, the crowd on the Bailey was out in full force and I was giddy with excitement, and a good dose of trepidation. My family were kind enough to drive me up to college, […]