Share Your Story

Have a look at our guide below and submit your story, don’t forget the pics, they really do make a difference:

  • Blog entries should ideally be between 400-600 words, Vlogs no more than 2-3 minutes; however this very much depends on the subject area.
  • Blogs and Vlogs should be written/filmed in the first person and have an informal tone.
  • Write/film as if you were writing to or talking to a friend.
  • Let your voice and personality shine through.
  • The audience must be able to relate to the blog/vlog therefore it is important to think about the audience and ask questions such as what would you want to know if you were in their position.
  • Write short paragraphs consisting of two or three sentences. Make sure the sound quality is good so the audience can hear you.
  • Where appropriate use subheadings to break up text. Film different sections of your video to change scenery.
  • Use links in your post, or add links in your video during the edit stage to give the reader/viewer more information.
  • Provide images to compliment your blog – these really make the blog stand out so the more images the better!
  • Credit other individual’s work if it features in your post.
  • Feel free to add links to your other social media platforms; we can direct readers to them.
  • As we are posting these blogs/vlogs to the official Durham University website please bear in mind copyright issues for music & images & things that other people may find inappropriate/offensive.
  • Please send us a profile of yourself – about 50 words & a selfie so we can credit you (you’ll see examples of these on the site).
  • Submit your story and images to [email protected].


Please note – The information you provide may be used in printed media produced by Durham University and/or other stakeholders, such as prospectuses, guides, training products, magazines and newspapers. It may also be used on our social media platforms and on websites hosted by Durham University and other organisations.