Share Your Story

Have a look at our guide below and submit your story, don’t forget the pics, they really do make a difference:

  • Blog entries should ideally be between 400-600 words, Vlogs no more than 2-3 minutes; however this very much depends on the subject area.
  • Blogs and Vlogs should be written/filmed in the first person and have an informal tone.
  • Write/film as if you were writing to or talking to a friend.
  • Let your voice and personality shine through.
  • The audience must be able to relate to the blog/vlog therefore it is important to think about the audience and ask questions such as what would you want to know if you were in their position.
  • Write short paragraphs consisting of two or three sentences. Make sure the sound quality is good so the audience can hear you.
  • Where appropriate use subheadings to break up text. Film different sections of your video to change scenery.
  • Use links in your post, or add links in your video during the edit stage to give the reader/viewer more information.
  • Provide images to compliment your blog – these really make the blog stand out so the more images the better!
  • Credit other individual’s work if it features in your post.
  • Feel free to add links to your other social media platforms; we can direct readers to them.
  • As we are posting these blogs/vlogs to the official Durham University website please bear in mind copyright issues for music & images & things that other people may find inappropriate/offensive.
  • Please send us a profile of yourself – about 50 words & a selfie so we can credit you (you’ll see examples of these on the site).
  • Submit your story and images to [email protected].