Romantic and Victorian Literary Studies – my highlights

My modules For my master’s degree, I studied English literature, specifically the Romantic and Victorian pathway. I took three modules from September to June before working primarily on my dissertation from June until the end of the course in September. I chose the modules ‘Romantic Forms of Grief’, ‘Women and the Novel in the Eighteenth […]

A day in the life of an English Master’s student at Durham

It starts with coffee! I usually wake up around 8.30am, have breakfast and have my essential first coffee of the day (I absolutely love coffee!) Then I would spend some time getting ready and packing my bag with anything I may need. Library Then I would normally head to the library to do some work, […]

Life as a postgraduate student at Durham

When I was in high school or even before I completed my undergraduate degree, I never thought I would start postgraduate study. My goal in academics was always to complete a degree in a great university and find a nice job with high pay. If you are reading this blog, I guess you already know […]