College room décor: thinking outside the box but within the licence agreement

So, you have read through the information provided, understood what college forbids, and know when your room won’t be accessible (if you haven’t found any of these, check the accommodation agreements and with college staff – it’s important). Now comes the fun bit. Making the space your own! However, there are restrictions. No damage to […]

Coll 2022 – Anthropology field trip

“Stayed for the stories: an insight into life on Coll” 15 students travelled to the Isle of Coll for our field course, an 11-hour journey from Durham University. It is an artist’s paradise with beaches, hillsides, and cliff faces that all create a complex landscape forged from the island’s natural beauty combined with human intervention. […]

Sophie’s 2022 Mini Challenge continues

We’ve been following Philosophy and Psychology student Sophie Wright in the 2022 Mini Challenge. Sophie was one of only two women on the Grid in this season’s ‘Trophy Class’. As the competition intensifies, Sophie tells us about her two most recent race weekends.  Read more in Sophies first blog Sophie and the 2022 Mini Challenge […]