The realities of my student diet

Students (read: financially challenged young people) are infamous for not prioritising their health when they move away from home for the first time. When taking into account reading lists, and parties, and societies, and parties, and sports, and parties, and sleeping; there’s rarely enough time in the day to concoct and truly balanced meal. Or […]

Spotlight on College Sport

One of the unique parts of Durham University, that’s only shared with a handful of other universities in the UK, is the collegiate system. Each student is assigned a college where they are affiliated for their time at Durham. This has many benefits, such as individual college days, more personalised student support and the fact […]

In Pursuit of the Prince Bishops: My Experience Excavating at Auckland Castle

Hailing from Texas, the excavation of a medieval British archaeological site is something I never would have expected to partake in. Additionally, as my main interests lie in the archaeology of Mesopotamia, I possess a dearth of knowledge on the medieval period, isolating myself from the prospect of uncovering its secrets. However, with the archaeology […]