What’s it like studying Economics?

What is Economics? Hey! I’m Fred. I’m a first-year undergraduate Econ student. Although I’ve only done Economics for one term right now, it’s been quite fun so far, to be honest. Economics is basically the study of scarcity and human behaviour. Why Economics? My reason behind picking Economics at university is quite different to most […]

What’s it like studying Earth Science?

What is Earth Science? Earth science is the study of the processes, interactions properties and structures within the earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere. Earth Science can be split into several individual branches, such as geophysics, geochemistry, oceanography, geology, climate science, meteorology, and many other areas!! Why Durham? Of course, I chose Durham because of […]

What’s it like studying English?

Why study English? I have always loved to read. I grew up consuming books one after another and still could not get enough. Within the first twelve years of my life, I had five different library cards from various county libraries within my home state of Minnesota and was constantly reading something. I was the […]

What’s it like studying History?

Why Durham? I like to think of history as stories woven together through time and space. It is folklore, mythology, and relationships. A big, beautiful patchwork quilt of stories about people and events that you can point to and learn about. Strings come loose that can be pulled on and reveal a great expanse of […]

Coming to Durham through Sutton Trust Summer School

I knew Durham was the right place for me During the summer of 2019, when I was in year 12, I took part in the Sutton Trust (ST) Summer School to explore my interest in English. For me, the totality of my experience at Sutton Trust confirmed that Durham University was the place for me. […]

Staying in the North East to study

Hello! I’m Ruby and I am a second-year BSc Biological Sciences student. My hometown is near Middlesbrough. I love where I live! It’s the perfect combination of beaches to the East and the countryside to the West.  Durham is the best of both worlds Before coming to university, I was nervous about leaving home and […]