My typical day working on an assignment

Bill Bryson Lilbrary

What is student life all about… Lectures? Libraries? Parties? Though I’d hope every student would be familiar with at least the first two of those, there is one truly inescapable part of the student journey that everyone will have to face at some point… Assignments. Assignments Assignments are funnelled into two different categories here at […]

What’s it like studying Biosciences?

Decisions, decisions I initially found it quite difficult choosing what degree to study and where. I’ve always been quite an analytical person and knew I wanted to study a scientific degree, but the specific one I wanted to do eluded me. I found biology very interesting. However, as the idea of blood makes me feel […]

Coming to Durham through the STEP Summer School

The American dream was not a reality for me I dreamed of the American university lifestyle like the ones you see in the movies.  I had my whole life planned, I even visited the university I wanted to go to, but then the reality of the cost, mixed with the course complexities hit and I […]