From Sports and Societies to Spags – a Night Out in Durham

Durham may be small but it is always full of life, especially when the sun goes down and it is lit up by the lights of restaurants, colleges, theatre, and more. Sometimes all you want is a night in to yourself, but for those times when you couldn’t think of anything worse, here are some […]

Dealing with the expectations of university life

High expectations Growing up, I always had the expectation that my university years would be the best time of my life. This is largely owing to the idyllic portrayal of university life in the media, where you are expected to meet the best people and engage in life-changing experiences. While I’ve experienced a lot of […]

Why I chose to change my degree subject

When I joined Durham University as a student (all the way back in 2018!), I enrolled onto the Engineering course. At secondary school I had always loved maths and physics, and had got A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. I wasn’t always too keen on the theoretical side of physics, however, and much preferred […]

What’s it like studying Sport and Exercise Sciences?

What exactly is Sport and Exercise Sciences? Sport and Exercise Sciences is a fascinating field of study that investigates how sport and physical activity impacts society and the individual. It branches across many exciting and diverse academic disciplines including anatomy and physiology, psychology, sociology, as well as business studies and economics, just to name a […]