What’s it like to study Environmental Geoscience?

What do you study? Environmental Geoscience is an interdisciplinary degree applying various subjects, with an analytical, environmental lens. Students join the Earth Sciences department with different backgrounds – I considered subjects I enjoyed most and was best at in school, and these were Chemistry and Geography. One of the most underrated things about Earth Sciences […]

Pursuing entrepreneurship as a Durham graduate

What inspired the creation of this app? It all began the summer before I started Durham. I was completing my final coursework for my A-Level Graphics Design class at secondary school. The idea stemmed from the need to transfer files with ease from my mobile device to the computers in the IT suite but all […]

The different levels of Music at Durham

Taking part in music at Durham I love taking part in music at Durham! I’ve had some fantastic experiences and met some of my best friends! Durham has a really wide range of musical groups to get involved in, both at the university-wide level and within colleges. What you choose to get involved in is […]