Life at St Mary’s College

St Mary's Welcome Induction

Why did I choose St Mary’s? I chose St Mary’s mainly because of the beautiful buildings and grounds in which you get to live, but also because of its location. It is really close to many of the university’s central facilities, including the Teaching and Learning Centre and the main University library. St Mary’s also […]

Why did I pick St John’s?

When I was picking a college I wanted to be part of a college which was friendly and had a community feel to it. The smaller size of St John’s allows you to get to know lots of the students as well as the staff because it enables you to know people individually. Location location […]

Life at St Aidan’s College

Everyone is inevitably biased in favour of their own college at Durham, but I can truly vouch for the fact that St Aidan’s is fantastic. Known for its friendly vibe, inclusivity, and the dreaded steps, you will love being at Aidan’s! Catering St Aidan’s is a catered college, so you don’t have to do any […]

Life at Stephenson College

Why I chose Stephenson Stephenson is one of the ‘hill’ colleges at Durham. We are in a great location, just 15 minutes from the science site, and about 25 minutes to town. As we are out of the bustle of Durham centre, we are surrounded by nature – I’ve seen so many rabbits, deer and […]