What is it like to be a College Volunteering Rep?

Before coming to Durham, I didn’t really engage in the Volunteering sector – I had no idea what opportunities were available to me and how to best get involved. However, everything changed when one of my best friends and I were elected as the Volunteering Officers for our college! Suddenly, my eyes were opened to […]

The Four Seasons of Durham

Durham is well known for its world-class education, rich history, and stunning architecture. However, one equally fantastic feature that I got to experience as a student in Durham is its highly distinctive seasons. Coming from Hong Kong, which is a subtropical location, I was accustomed to a climate that consisted of hot and humid summers, […]

What’s it like studying Visual Arts?

Firstly, what is Visual Arts? It’s a degree programme offered at Durham University (specifically Visual Arts and Film) and is also a subject which sits in the Modern Languages and Cultures department. However, you don’t have to be on this specific degree to study modules in Visual Arts! It is also possible to take modules […]