What’s it like studying Psychology?

Why Psychology? I chose to study Psychology because of my interest in human behaviour, specifically the development of behaviour and how it can be influenced by so many different factors. The Psychology course at Durham is different to a lot of other universities because it’s research-based. This means that there is a big focus on […]

What’s it like studying Chemistry at Durham?

Why Chemistry? Why Durham? There were a couple of reasons that I wanted to take Chemistry one step further after A-levels. I really wanted to understand more of the ‘why?’ part of chemistry – I wanted to know why some reagents reacted, or why some compounds are bright while others are colourless, and the A-level […]

What’s it like studying Politics?

Why Politics? Politics has been prevalent for hundreds, or potentially even thousands, of years. We can study politics from extremely far back in history, for example by looking at how power is distributed in societies. There is much to it and it has become a vastly complex and debated subject. It remains as such to […]