50 things you CAN do while in quarantine

Marina Mestres-Segarra
  • Facetime that friend you keep telling yourself you’ll call and never do
  • Call your grandparents (or skype, if they know how to do that, which mine don’t) and remind them of how much you love them
  • Learn a new world cuisine. No, I don’t mean microwave subpar pizza; try cooking from scratch
  • Search for some new tunes to listen to
  • Find some new songs all your family loves. These will be remembered as your quarantine songs.
  • Try an online workout
  • Watch an online workout while eating crisps in bed
  • Binge-watch a new series
  • Become savvy in a new subject; watch some documentaries, read some books
  • READ a new book
  • Share the best books you’ve read with your online friends to help them enjoy the quarantine
  • Write your dissertations and summatives
  • Cry over your dissertation and summatives
  • Have a coffee and procrastinate while thinking of your dissertation and summatives
  • Learn to play the ukulele
  • Play the Sims and try to hold back from drowning them in the pool
  • Learn a new skill that will never become useful, i.e. Yo-yo, headstand etc.
  • Write about something that inspires you
  • Learn how to recycle properly and implement it at home
  • Check-up on a friend that you know may be struggling with mental health
  • Write a letter and send it to someone the old-school way
  • Do some morning yoga
  • Don’t wear a bra for two whole weeks
  • If you are in the UK, take advantage of your outdoor time
  • Walk your dog
  • Judge runners and dog-walkers from the widow
  • Practice some self-love
  • Take a bath and do a face-mask
  • Catch up on all the sleep you lost during term
  • Bake a cake and (if possible) share some with the neighbours
  • Talking of which, get better acquainted with your neighbours, if you live in a flat like me, just speak to whoever is in their balcony
  • Message people you know are working to thank them for their effort
  • Enjoy the time with your family, who you normally tend to ignore
  • Play with your younger siblings
  • Give an online-lesson
  • If you can sing, sing for your neighbours (if not, please shut up)
  • If you smoke, try to give up while you are at home
  • Prepare a romantic dinner date for your parents
  • Send your significant other some flowers, or some old photos
  • Alternatively, send them a love poem
  • Learn how to make proper coffees
  • Learn how to mix cocktails
  • Wake up earlier and prepare a nice breakfast for your family
  • Look through old photo albums
  • Start an online book club
  • Take an embarrassing dissertation hand-in picture
  • Make an effort to dress nicely for special days
  • Be nice to people, even more than usual, you never know what people are going through
  • Continue to make memes

And, above everything, stay home, remember people’s lives depend on it

Marina Mestres-Segarra


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