BSc Accounting and BA Accounting and Finance: what’s the difference?

Tristan Durteste

I study BSc Accounting at Durham. I know when I was looking at applying I was a bit confused about how the two courses are different so I’m going to try and explain from my experience what the differences are. First of all, I would like to start by saying that both of these courses are great choices that will lead to great opportunities.

Now for those who know that they would like to go into accounting in the future, the BSc Accounting course is for you. It is tailor-made for you to become a chartered accountant as quickly and easily as possible. The exams give you professional exemptions, meaning the exams you will do at University allow you to do less after graduation. Although there are exemptions available in the Accounting and Finance course, there are not as many as for the core Accounting course. This is very motivating, when I revise for exams I know that I am not just working towards the University exam but also towards my professional career.

Secondly one of the things that separate BSc Accounting and BA Accounting and Finance is the amount of students in each. The Accounting course is much smaller than the Accounting and Finance course. This is great for being able to talk to the professors more, providing the opportunity to answer questions and have discussions in a classroom instead of a big lecture hall. This has the advantage of creating a tight knit group of students. In my year we all know each other and have socials, this creates a great atmosphere to learn in and makes it easier and much less intimidating to go to class knowing everyone there.

My experience with BSc Accounting

I am currently in my second year of the BSc Accounting programme currently applying for jobs in auditing as part of my placement year and have been very happy with the course and the opportunities that it has given me. For example, because of the novelty of the course, the Course Director is very keen to get the course at the forefront of new accounting ventures. The Accounting Society is a great example of this, it is something I am a part of and that anyone from the University can join. The BSc Accounting course is at the head of this society and is planning events for the whole Business School at Durham.

Another opportunity made available to me by the course is the opportunity to be the ambassador for the course during open days. This has greatly improved my communication skills as well as given me some work experience.

One of the features that I enjoy most about Accounting is its focus on getting us to be as employable as possible for when we graduate. There are the professional exemptions that we have already talked about, but also employability weeks at the end of the year that give you practice interviews.

I am very lucky to be on this course and I am always challenged by the material covered and all the additional support and opportunities, just last week we were offered a 28 week paid internship.

What to choose?

I think both of these courses lead to great opportunities so in the end the decision is simply based on your preferences, whether you want to be a part of a large and broad course or a smaller and more in depth course. It also depends on what you are interested in and what you think you would like to study and learn more about. Whether you want to join BSc Accounting or the BA Accounting and Finance, Durham is a great place to study and a great university that will give you all the tools you need to start your career.

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Tristan Durteste

Hi, I'm Tristan Durteste, a French student studying accounting, and a proud member of Trevelyan college. I am a competitive swimmer in the Durham team, my secret talent is the diablo.

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