Sport in Action
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Sport in Action

I recently got back from my 6 weeks in Zambia with Volunteer Zambia, which works in conjunction with Sport in Action. This experience was easily the best thing I’ve ever done and was even better than I anticipated. What did we do? Whilst in Zambia I was placed at two hub sites in Lusaka for Netball, which were Matero…
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My volunteering journey

Why volunteer? When I started writing this blog, I had no idea why I volunteer. Is it because there is something beneficial for me, a good experience, perhaps? Is it because of the warm fuzzy feeling that I sometimes get when the people that I was helping say nice things about my work? Or is it something more complicated? I…
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Volunteering to vaccinate

Like most people, when the 3rd lockdown hit I found myself at home and bored out of my mind, so when the Durham First Aid Society offered the chance to volunteer as a vaccinator through St John’s Ambulance I thought it would be a great way to help in my local community and also get out of the house! After completing an…
Meet our Student Digital Leaders
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Meet our Student Digital Leaders

The Student Digital Leader team is a new scheme being set up this year. We are a group of students from all different subjects and colleges who are here to help new and returning students navigate Durham’s digital Student Services. We are available every day, via live chat or email and if necessary a video call, for the first…