My scholarship experience: MSc New and Renewable Energy

Ana Maria Villarreal-Vives

While growing up, I realised that climate change is one of the most significant challenges of this century and that we humans are responsible for most of it. I knew that if I wanted to be an active part of the solution, I had to dedicate my studies and work towards this cause. That is why after finishing my B.S. in Sustainable Development Engineering, I started working in the renewable energy sector, where I found a great passion for this topic. First, I joined the Sustainable Energy Programme at the German International Agency for Sustainable Development (GIZ). Then, I worked at Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM), a Mexican NGO dedicated to reducing Mexico’s greenhouse gas emissions.

STEM scholarship

After a couple of years working, I realised that it’s crucial to have a more significant number of renewable energy specialists with the capabilities and technical understanding to develop innovative solutions to tackle the energy sector’s needs and challenges. That’s why I decided that my next step was to study a master’s degree in a related topic. Undoubtedly, the UK was my preferred destination because it has proven to be a world reference in promoting renewable energies and climate change actions. I was fortunately awarded the British Council Women in STEM scholarship to study at Durham University. It has been a life-changing experience that is accelerating my professional growth and will definitely be a springboard to my career goals. This MSc programme is helping me understand my field of studies from an international perspective and will equip me with many significant skills, knowledge, and a valuable network of colleagues and friends.

My future plans

When I finish, I want to continue working in the renewable energy sector, probably in my country, Mexico, to apply all the lessons learned from the UK experience. I think it is crucial to approach the current global needs from a sustainable development perspective, showing that climate solutions, including renewable energy initiatives, must be aligned with the national and international agendas.

I also feel passionate about continuing to open the path for more women until the space in STEM areas is sufficient, and we are seen and heard. I want to inspire future generations of girls and women to pursue STEM careers. I wish for a future where women have meaningful participation at all levels and in all sectors, compared to the current rates.

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Ana Maria Villarreal-Vives

My name is Ana Maria Villarreal, I am from México, and currently, I am studying MSc New and Renewable Energy at Durham University.

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