Introducing Scoop Durham: easy on the wallet, easier on the earth!

Diya Sachar

The images included in this blog are from the first Scoop store in Cambridge.

We are a new initiative in Durham called Scoop, our aim is to bring an affordable, plastic-free alternative where students and the local community can purchase non-perishable food goods at a price which competes with local supermarkets. All of us are aware of the immense amount of food waste that is produced in the UK and the massive quantity of single-use plastic sent to landfills daily. At Scoop we want to be part of the solution. We’re sick of seeing sustainable products being sold at ridiculously high prices making them unobtainable for anyone on a budget. Our goal is to get rid of the barriers present when shopping in an ethical and sustainable manner, and hopefully one day there will be small local enterprises like Scoop all over the country.

The idea

Our branch in Durham was not the first one created, we have a sister store in Cambridge which was founded in October 2019. Davide Bertone, co-founder of Scoop Durham got in touch with their founder, George Jeffreys, who was keen to see Scoop expand and kindly shared his resources with us. From there a group of individuals who care about the planet and are eager to instill change were picked to be a part of the Scoop team. The creation of Scoop was fuelled by genuine care for our planet and as a team, we hope we can use Scoop to create a community that shares the same passion.

Our ethos

At Scoop we’ve built our ethos around the idea that all our actions are a statement. As individuals we have to realise that each of us have agency, we all have the ability to make a difference. It’s simple, by taking small steps we can ultimately create lasting change. Scoop wants to show the Durham community that each and every one of us can take part in helping the planet and we can give them the means to start making a change.

The planet isn’t the only thing we want to have an impact on; the local Durham community has given us so much and as students we want to give back. Being a non-profit initiative means we will be putting 100% of our profit towards charitable causes, and believe it is crucial for this money to go into local charities. As shoppers at Scoop we want to give you autonomy; there will be a choice of three local charities at the till and customers can choose where their money will go. It is important that individuals feel that they are giving back to a cause they are interested in whilst shopping at Scoop.

Where and when?

So, when will you be able to get your hands on Scoop’s plastic-free goods? We are working to open on 14th October at Unit 44 Durham Riverwalk.

You can follow us on social media to keep up with everything we’re doing and potentially find opportunities to be a part of the Scoop team. We not only keep you updated about what’s going on at the store but advocate for different environmental topics we find important. Also, watch out for our upcoming website!

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Diya Sachar

I’m Diya Sachar, a third-year Collingwood student currently doing a Business and Management degree. I plan on doing a Masters in marketing at Durham. I have an interest in initiatives that focus on helping our planet and am part of the Scoop Durham publicity team.

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