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Katie Garratt

Colleges are an integral part of life at Durham University. For many, it’s where they live for their first year and where they make a lot of their friends. Despite colleges having strong communities, many students make friends across all the Durham colleges. I’m at Trevelyan College, and a lot of my current friends I met while living there in my first year. However, here is how I also have friends across all the different colleges, from St. Cuthbert’s to Josephine Butler.

Course friends

A great way to make friends from other colleges is through your course. One of my current close friends is from Hatfield College. We met on our first day of university, when we were both slightly lost, trying to navigate the university map to find our lecture hall for our first ever Geography lecture. When we realised we were both looking for the same room, we decided to go to our first lecture together. Two years later and we still attend every lecture together. As well as through lectures, I have also made friends through seminars and tutorials. During these sessions, you have more time to talk with other students from different colleges. I have also been on fieldtrips with my Geography degree, going away with other students. From these trips I have made friends with people from almost every college, and I’m sure I will keep making friends from different colleges throughout the last year of my degree.

Two course mates and myself in a lecture

Sports teams

Another way to make friends from different colleges is through Durham University sports clubs. All Durham Colleges have their own sports teams and clubs, which are great ways to make friends within college. But there are also sports clubs and teams on the university level which include people from all colleges. During my second year, I joined Durham’s trampolining and gymnastic club – you can see a photo of us at the top of this blog. Through our training sessions and competitions, I have made friends with so many people from different colleges. It’s such a friendly atmosphere and is so lovely socialising with people beyond your college.

As well as Durham University sports teams, college sports teams can be great ways to make friends from other colleges. As part of the Trev’s netball team, I have made friends with girls in different college teams from playing matches against them each week. I also have made lots of friends from Grey college through the Trev’s women’s rugby team which is mixed with Grey’s women’s rugby team. Playing and training together creates a great team spirit and many friendships have been made across the two colleges.

Trev’s/Grey’s Women’s Rugby team


University level societies are another great way to make friends outside your college. Societies are especially great for meeting others with similar hobbies and passions. While at university, I have joined volunteering societies through which I have met a wide range of people. Societies usually have social secretaries who put on specific socials for the societies – these are a great way to meet and talk with like-minded students from all colleges.

Mutual Friends

I also have mutual friends in different colleges. My home friend is also studying at Durham University, and is in South College. Through her, I have made many other friends from South College and beyond, and recently I attended the Durham Charity Fashion Show with them – this was so much fun.

Attending the Durham Charity Fashion Show with friends

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Katie Garratt

Hi, I’m Katie and I am currently a 2nd year Human Geography student at Trevelyan College. As well as my degree, I have a particular love for sport. I represent Durham in trampolining, but I also captain Trevelyan College netball team, Trevelyan college darts team and play for the Trevelyan/Grey college rugby team.

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