My Chevening Journey at Durham

Muhammad Shayan Rabbani

A bit of my background

I come from Pakistan, a country that holds a rich history within South-East Asia, from the mystical cold deserts to vast, untouched natural forests. It’s a haven for nature enthusiasts. My story begins in the capital city, Islamabad, where I spent the better part of my life. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I was working with Pakistan’s largest telecommunication organisation. In my role, I was contributing towards providing internet access, digital products, and digital financial services. Not only did these contributions aid in accelerating economic growth, but it also helped in enabling individuals to set up their own businesses and ventures. I knew that a Master’s degree from the UK will enable me to further build upon the impact I had already created back home, hence I chose to apply for the Chevening Scholarship.

For me, the Chevening Scholarship turned out to be a turning point in life as it provided me with an opportunity to come to the beautiful city of Durham in the United Kingdom. This experience has not only enriched my academic knowledge but has also provided me with a profound cultural exchange. As I navigate through this academic journey, I am excited about the knowledge, experiences, and connections that I will carry back to Pakistan, contributing to the growth and development of my home country.

Why Durham?

Durham University was the ideal choice for me mainly because of its commitment to fostering global perspectives and its longstanding reputation for academic excellence. Chevening is one of the most prestigious scholarships which gives ‘future leaders’ the opportunity to study in the UK. This scholarship allows experienced individuals to return back to the classroom to prepare them for creating a larger impact on society. This platform gave me the opportunity to connect with fellow students in Durham from different Commonwealth countries. Learning alongside other talented individuals here at Durham is truly a blessing for me as it has helped in expanding my knowledge in different subject areas. I chose Durham University as it aims to provide a holistic learning experience which focuses on both personal and professional growth.  I feel profoundly honoured to represent Pakistan as the sole Chevening Scholar from my country here at Durham University.

The collegiate system

What really excited me about Durham University was the collegiate system that it had to offer. Only a handful of Business Schools in the UK offer such a close-knit college community coupled with access to a broader university body. Here at Ustinov College, I got the opportunity to become a member of a vibrant community, embracing diversity and cultural richness. Each college celebrates all sorts of cultural events, welcoming people from all backgrounds to learn and explore other cultural traditions. The colleges host a variety of activities throughout the year. From sports to formal dinners, there is a great range of activities planned to welcome everyone here.

The programme

I’m currently studying the MSc Business Analytics programme which is a joint degree offered by the Business School and Computer Science school. The programme is structured in a manner which allows students to learn important technical skills and link these with business problems of today. Moreover, the programme opens doors to global industry exposure through a tailored module in ‘Silicon Valley’, USA. Additionally, there are various seminars and workshops planned with leading organisations for enhanced exposure to global organisations. The aim of these experiences is to better prepare students for a career in the upcoming and growing field of analytics.

Discover more

To find out more, click here Chevening Scholarships – Durham University

Muhammad Shayan Rabbani

Hi, I am Shayan and I am studying MSc Business Analytics, a joint degree at the Business School and Computer Science school. I come from Pakistan and am the sole Chevening scholar from my country here in Durham, something which I feel very honoured to be!

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