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Yolan Noszkay
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Writer and Director, Yolan Noszkay

My grandma is called Roza. When I was little, she would tell me stories about her life in Hungary. She told me about the fun she had with her siblings and her love for learning, but also about the fear that was ever-present, having lived through both Nazi and Soviet rule. In the chaos of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, she escaped and came to the UK as a refugee but was separated from much of her family. The events of You Will Hear Me are loosely based on these stories she told me as a child.

Being separated from loved ones due to conflict is something which has deeply affected my family and so many people around the world. Refugees are often presented in a negative light. We rarely hear what their lives were like before everything changed, or what their lives can be like once they have settled in a new country. I decided that in this play, I wanted to focus on the connection between loved ones (in this story, between sisters) and the resilience of those who have to flee their homes.     

I wrote ‘You Will Hear Me’ as part of Northern Broadsides’ Young Writers’ Forge. I caught the writing bug from this course, so I was excited to build on these skills and to learn even more from Christina Castling during some writing workshops she ran here in Durham. Being a physical theatre-based piece, the final play has grown and completely transformed from my original writing, which I think is wonderful! Seeing the brilliant cast bring the play to life in rehearsals has been a joy, and very emotional to say the least! Collaboration was at the heart of the devising process, so although I wrote You Will Hear Me, all of us involved in the production made it.

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Actor, Bella Illingworth

Being a part of ‘You Will Hear Me’ has been such a highlight for me, not only do we have a very talented and fun cast, a wonderful director and a beautifully written script but, it’s been an incredible opportunity to learn about the experience that women of all ages would have faced during the Hungarian revolution in 1956. It’s an extremely moving play with elements of darkness and you will inevitably be in complete tears by the end, but there is also such a warmth and innocence to many of the scenes. However, I won’t give anymore away, you will just have to come and see it for yourself! Bella Illingworth, Actor.

Actor, Emily Browning

This show has been one of the most powerful pieces of visceral theatre I’ve had the pleasure to work on. In three words this play is intimate, playful and touching. It follows two sisters in war torn Hungary and the dilemma between standing up for your freedom in the country you love, or protecting those who you love the most, even if that is at the expense of being able to hold them again. You Will Hear Me centres the incredible life of a courageous young women called Roza and her younger sister and this all female cast and ensemble celebrates the strength, courage and tour de force inside every women. The life of Roza, her sister and every single sensational women involved in this project, has inspired me in every single rehearsal and may have, one or twice, brought a tear to my eye. This performance is a real uplifting and cathartic treat for its audience so definitely put it on your list! 

Durham Drama Festival 2022

Durham Drama Festival 2022

You will hear me is one of three plays being performed at The Mark Hillery Arts Centre, Collingwood College from 30 January – 6 February.

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Yolan Noszkay


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