Trevelyan College (Alumni, 1971-1974)

Jan and Linda

Linda and I met on our first day at Trevelyan. We had both elected to share a room in the first term as it seemed a good way to make a friend to share the excitement and challenges of leaving home. It also meant we could have our own room for the next two terms! 

Linda came to study Mathematics, although later changed to General Science. I was one of four women enrolled in Engineering Science (the first year there had been more than one woman and three were in Trevelyan!) After a few years, we both migrated into IT, although following different paths.

We hit it off immediately despite our different backgrounds and interests – Linda put up a Snoopy pennant, I put up a picture of Eric Clapton. We remained good friends throughout our time at Durham and always had rooms close to each other.

We have remained friends and were bridesmaids at each other’s weddings. Linda even came out to visit with her family after my husband and I moved to San Diego, California. We have much more in common now, sharing a love of travel, fashion, cooking, and rugby. 

We really enjoyed our recent visit back to Durham – we even shared a room at Castle. We walked around the Science site looking for familiar buildings amongst expanded campus but the highlight was a tour around Trevelyan College. We really enjoyed reminiscing about our time there as well as learning about the college today. In many ways, it all seemed very familiar although the facilities for students are much improved. 

Although attending university is about education, knowledge and qualifications, it is also about meeting people and broadening your horizons.

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Jan and Linda

Alumni, 1971-1974

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