What’s it like studying Accounting?

Tristan Durteste

Coming from a French school, I didn’t know much about Durham but decided to study here mainly for its reputation. After my first year of study I am very pleased with the city, the social life, the sports and most importantly my course.

An amazing year of opportunity and study

My first year of Accounting at Durham was during the pandemic, so all my lectures were online. However, that didn’t make the subject any harder to learn or get involved in. As the English and French systems have very different curriculum designs, I expected to be lost in the terminology and maths. The first year helped me get fully up to speed, it’s kind of like a foundation year for everyone to get to the same level.

The subject that really took my interest was data analytics. We were tasked with creating a programme on SPSS and analysing large amounts of data in excel, making sense of this was fascinating and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Aside from data analytics, there is a wide range of modules from management for accounting to ethics for accounting. Ethics was also one of my favorite courses as I had always hoped to learn about Philosophy but never expected to be able to do this while studying Accounting.

Something that helped a lot was the people on the course, even during covid I got to talk to all of them in different group projects we had to do which bonded all of us almost instantly.

Why choose accounting at Durham?

Aside from Durham being one of the top universities in an amazing city, studying Accounting at Durham is fantastic. The Accounting course focuses on the student’s career. This is something that really stood out to me – how much Durham helps you with what comes after your studies, from creating a good LinkedIn profile to a full employability week after exams helping with your CV, assessment centres and interviews.  A good portion of the exams give you exemptions from future professional Accounting exams. This is truly motivating as I know that I am not simply revising for exams with no end goal in mind, I am working towards being a professional Accountant. The course takes its time to lay the foundations and made me feel confident with the modules all the way through.

The facilities in Durham are incredible, the Accounting course has all the workshops in the TLC (teaching and learning center), which is a brand new building with a very modern look and everything you need for studies: a cafe to relax with friends, a study space for groups and individuals and great classrooms for workshops.

The Teaching and Learning Centre

My experience in brief

I was worried about coming to Durham without much knowledge of the college system and Accountancy. After a year here I have fallen in love with the city and all it has to offer as well as my course. From joining the swimming team to making friends with everyone in my hall. This year may have been hectic but being in Durham was always fun and exciting, even during lockdown! 

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Tristan Durteste

Hi, I'm Tristan Durteste, a French student studying accounting, and a proud member of Trevelyan college. I am a competitive swimmer in the Durham team, my secret talent is the diablo.

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