Why I chose to stay in the North East

Simon Piercy

The North East is steeped in history and character with welcoming and friendly locals. It sits close to North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Northumberland and Lake District National Parks, and the Scottish border. What’s more, Durham is only a short journey away from the amazing countryside, forests, and the coast.

Due to the North’s rich heritage, it makes the perfect setting for studying a variety of subjects in a variety of settings, all connected together by history, love and passion. The University makes use of its historic buildings and as such it feels as though one is learning in the past, whilst learning about the past. On top of that, Durham is known for its world-renowned courses and research projects, as well as becoming a hub for creativity and government developments.

I chose Durham University for several reasons. The first was that I am from the North East and – as a mature student – I wanted to stay close to my family, friends and other commitments I have outside of study.

Secondly, Durham appealed to me because it has a fantastic student ethos. They care about their students and ensure we are well cared for and supported whether that be academically, spiritually or mentally. This was a key pull for me, knowing that educators care about their students. They are passionate about what they do and what they offer.

Students touring Durham Castle (University College)

Thirdly, Durham has a very good reputation in the UK and the wider world. It’s a centre for academic excellence. The choice of courses available and the knowledge of the lecturers meant I knew I would be getting a world-class education.

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Simon Piercy

My name is Simon I am a mature student studying a BSC Anthropology.

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