What’s it like studying Management?

How demanding is the course? The management side of the course is not too demanding, as it is usually tied to another aspect of business studies such as Marketing or Economics. In my experience, I have had one, two-hour lecture each week, alongside a weekly seminar, which has all led me to a Summative Assignment […]

Archaeology: my course so far

I’ll start this by saying a huge congratulations on your offer to study in the department of archaeology. In this blog I’ll tell you a little about my experience as an archaeology student at Durham, and what I’ve enjoyed the most! What made me pick the course? One of my A-levels was Archaeology, and it […]

Memories of Congregation

We asked our alumni for their memories of Congregation here are some highlights… Janet Vickers, BA Social Studies, St Aidan’s This wonderful photograph (above) was taken in the back garden of St Aidan’s College on the Bailey. I am happy to say all the friends in the photograph still keep in touch. My subject was […]

More memories of Congregation

We asked our alumni for their memories of Congregation, here are some more of their highlights.. Marie Brett, History, Collingwood College I will always remember part of Dame Margot Fonteyn’s address at Congregation in July 1985. She said if she could give one gift to every person graduating, it would be the gift of tenacity. So wise, […]