What’s it like studying Management?

Amy Burns

How demanding is the course?

The management side of the course is not too demanding, as it is usually tied to another aspect of business studies such as Marketing or Economics. In my experience, I have had one, two-hour lecture each week, alongside a weekly seminar, which has all led me to a Summative Assignment by the end of my module.

What I’ve enjoyed the most

The management course at Durham has been a great experience for me so far, I’ve loved my modules and actually enjoyed writing my Summative Assignments (amazing, right?). The course brings together aspects of business and aspects of management seamlessly, incorporating everyday examples into each lecture to ensure understanding. Some modules have focused on theoretical tactics to ensure a smooth workplace and how this is applied in the real business world, while others have been more business studies oriented, but from the perspective of a manager. For instance, ‘Financial Information For Managers’ taught how to properly assess and analyse financial documents in the workplace as well as how to calculate them.

Throughout the course I personally have been involved in lots of group work, generally to complete Formative Assignments, and have found it very rewarding as a whole. It’s a great way to be introduced to your peers (as it often can be quite intimidating to introduce yourself when there are almost 400 faces staring at you!) and it means that you get the opportunity to share ideas and workloads with the rest of your group. This aspect of the course has personally been my favourite, I have found that working in groups has helped me to feel much more comfortable on my course and has meant that tasks such as presenting to the class, have been much less daunting.

Lectures are sometimes held at TLC

Why I chose Durham

I chose to study at Durham as I was looking for a well-reputed University close to my home, lucky for me one of Europe’s best Business schools was right on my doorstep! So far it has proved to be a great choice, there has been lots to get involved in and many opportunities presented to me. For instance, I am a part of the Women in Business Society, which emails every week with new opportunities, guest speakers and activities, such as the Women Business Ball they hosted in February.

On top of this, Durham lecture facilities are great, in my experience, lectures have been uploaded online so you can review and rewatch them at any time, the lecture halls are grand, and the Business Cchool is beautiful. While many lectures have been held in the TLC, quite the hotspot for lectures, I have also been in multiple buildings on the science site and one in Elvet! This has meant I have been able to experience almost all of the University and have quite a gauge for each site’s facilities, including which serves the best coffee!

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Amy Burns

My name is Amy, I come from the North East of England, and I study Marketing and Management at Durham University. While I am absolutely obsessed with the beauty of this city, I have a passion for travel and intend for my degree to take all around the world to discover more beautiful cities!

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