Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in Durham

The Lantern Festival I was lucky to have attended the Lantern Festival hosted by the Oriental Museum, which marked the end of the 15-day Year of the Rabbit celebrations. The Lantern Festival signals the first full moon of the new year’s lunar calendar and symbolises ideas of reunion and romance. As a student from Hong […]

What’s it like studying Physics?

I have really enjoyed studying physics at Durham – there are so many interesting and unfamiliar concepts to tackle. In first year, I learnt about many new concepts in special relativity and quantum physics, and I personally found these to be the most interesting topics covered. There are also mathematics modules and a lab module […]

What’s it like studying Law?

Deciding to firm Durham for law was one of the best decisions of my life. However, it was a decision based entirely on the university website, rankings and vibes. There were numerous aspects of what it is like to study Law at Durham which could only be known by someone who has experienced it first […]