What’s it like being president of Hatfield MCR?

My name is Rui Fang. I am in my 3rd year PhD in nano-electronics, and on the way to graduation. As an international student at Durham University, I have had the opportunity to serve as the president of Hatfield College’s Middle Common Room (MCR). The experience has been both rewarding and challenging, providing me with […]

My PhD experience working alongside industrial partners

Taking the step towards a PhD Like many people coming towards the end of their undergraduate careers, I was left at crossroads over what my next steps would be. Having studied Aerospace Engineering as an undergraduate, I knew I wanted to either pursue this field, or transition into renewable energy. After searching for both jobs […]

What’s it like studying Management? (Marketing and Management edition)

Management at Durham is often found paired with another degree subject. Me personally, I study ‘Marketing and Management.’ What this means is that I have particular focus on the marketing side of the degree, but with modules surrounding Management topics. In my first year, this presented itself as 2 out of my 6 core modules […]

What’s it like studying Marketing?

Studying Marketing has been a very enjoyable experience for me thus far (as far as studying goes!) and in a lot of cases I have actually looked forward to some of the modules each term. I found, in my experience, that the contact hours for this course have been less in comparison to some of […]