What’s it like studying Marketing?

Amy Burns

Studying Marketing has been a very enjoyable experience for me thus far (as far as studying goes!) and in a lot of cases I have actually looked forward to some of the modules each term. I found, in my experience, that the contact hours for this course have been less in comparison to some of my peers doing other subjects. This has been beneficial to me as I have adapted to an individual learning style, particularly with completing my post-16 education during the pandemic, and I find that having more freedom in my studies has been much more enjoyable for me.

A variety of lecturers, passionate about their subjects

The great thing about this course at Durham is that it attracts such a wide variety of lecturers from across the globe that are all very passionate about their subject area. They are always very willing and open to discussing their subject with you and, in my experience, have been very supportive in aiding me through my summative assignments.

From assignments to exams, and building a jeans company!

I have studied three modules a term for two terms of the academic year, each with a formative around midway that leads into the bigger summative assignment closer to the end. I have happened to choose assignment-based modules up until now, so have not had any exam-based marks, but there have been options for modules that are marked through exams. Because I have been assignment-orientated, that means that I have had a wide variety of experience in my modules. For example, in my first year, I took a module where we worked in teams to build a jeans company using a simulation that gave us real life outcomes to our marketing decisions. This is still one of my favourite modules so far as it was much more interactive and really gave us the chance to put our studies into practice, and there was definitely some healthy competition between the teams along the way!

Academia and creativity, a perfect combination

I decided to study Marketing at Durham after completing my Level 3 Business BTEC Diploma. I had studied many different areas of business for the two years I was at college so I had the opportunity to understand which area of business was right for me. With Marketing, I found it was the perfect combination of my academic and my creative side, of which I enjoyed applying both into my studies. At Durham, I have had experience of putting both into practice; for instance, where in some modules I have designed my own logos, in others I have been studying the science behind consumer buying habits.

Durham – the obvious choice!

For me, Durham was the obvious choice once I got my offer. I was looking at staying relatively close to home and having such a well-ranking business school on my doorstep seemed perfect. I wanted to go for a school with a good global reputation as, in a subject like Business, I think that making connections and knowing people with broad experience in the industry will help me to think about my life after university too.

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Amy Burns

My name is Amy, I come from the North East of England, and I study Marketing and Management at Durham University. While I am absolutely obsessed with the beauty of this city, I have a passion for travel and intend for my degree to take all around the world to discover more beautiful cities!

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