A few of my Durham uni top tips

Demi Tuinema

Create a routine

University life can be filled with everchanging deadlines and commitments. A routine can offer a simple way of maintaining continuity and structure. Try to ensure you go outside, eat well, and follow a consistent sleeping pattern. Lots of research has placed importance of creating a regular routine. Benefits include lower stress levels, higher productivity, and health benefits. However, it is also important to not be too strict on yourself – routines may need to be disrupted and often spontaneous plans are the best ones!!

Stay organised and plan work

Staying organised and planning work in advance will undoubtedly help with your degree. From my experience, I have found it extremely useful to list my academic deadlines at the start of each term to create a clear picture of what needs to be done and when. I also would recommend writing daily or weekly to-do lists to ensure accountability, reduce stress, and allow yourself time to plan your work. Whilst these methods may not work for you, University is a great time to try things out and learn what suits you best.

Take part in all that Durham University offers

Durham University offers an array of opportunities whether that be societies, college activities or DU sport/musical theatre. I would recommend trying out new things and making the most of such opportunities to find new hobbies. If you have a particular interest, there is likely to be a society or college activity set-up for it. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends as you are surrounded by those with similar interests. However, in the small chance that there is not already a society set-up you can even make your own! I would also suggest applying to be on the exec if there is a club/team/society you love being part of.

Over the years: I have taken part in the Fitness society, Salsa society, Paint and Sip society, DU Lacrosse, College Mixed Lacrosse, College Netball and most recently Collingwood College Fashion Show exec. This shows just a glimpse of what is on offer!

Paint and sip

Explore Durham and the North East

Durham is a beautiful place with loads of walks to go on and sights to see. During your time at Durham University, I would also suggest exploring the North East. From the seaside beaches to bustling Newcastle, the North East has plenty of places you can visit.

Use the careers service

The Career Department at Durham University is great and offers a range of services: information about employer events and vacancies, access to the career e-learning platform as well as appointments with careers advisor to name a few. They are extremely useful, and I would highly suggest using their services.

Careers Employability and Enterprise wepages

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Demi Tuinema

Hi! I'm Demi, a third year studying Sport and Exercise Science at Durham University (Collingwood college). I love to be active, try out new things and explore Durham.

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