Durham – a transformative experience

Paula Rodriguez-Arciniegas

My journey at Durham University is more than an academic chapter; it’s been a voyage filled with personal growth, and a new way of living that only few places like this unique corner of Northern England can provide. For future COLFUTURO scholars contemplating beginning their postgraduate studies here, I want to share my positive and uplifting experience.

The city

The city of Durham is simply fascinating, as if plucked from a postcard or a fairy tale, with ancient structures such as the Cathedral and the Castle that offer a unique visual experience. One of the most notable aspects is the abundance of nature surrounding the town. Walking becomes a daily pleasure, and the combination of fresh air and stunning landscapes has allowed me to stay in the best physical shape of my life.

The university

As for the University, from day one, the staff has welcomed me with open arms, showcasing its excellent university well-being centre. The staff displays a genuine interest in student welfare, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The university personnel has always responded to my questions and concerns promptly, providing me with reassurance and support at all times.

The collegiate system

In addition, Durham’s collegiate system gives a special touch to the university experience. In my case, I belong to Ustinov College, exclusive for postgraduate students. Here, the sense of community is palpable, with dedicated student representatives organising diverse events every week. Plus, the array of university clubs is so diverse, from art and all kinds of sports clubs to political debates and games, ensuring that I never feel lonely or bored.

The culture

However, the University’s true gem is its multiculturalism. Diversity is reflected in social events, classes, and daily conversations, creating an environment where cultures converge to offer fascinating dialogues and unique learning opportunities. As for me, I’ve had the privilege of also sharing accommodation with peers mostly from China and India, which has been an enriching gastronomic and cultural experience that goes beyond the classrooms.

Exceeding my expectations

Overall, my stay at Durham University has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. For those dreaming of embarking on this academic journey, I confidently say: Durham is not just a renowned educational institution; it’s a place where education blends with the life experience to form indelible memories and lasting connections. Dare to discover the charm of Durham!

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Paula Rodriguez-Arciniegas

Hi, I'm Paula a PG student, and part of the COLFUTURO scholarship scheme

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