COLFUTURO – the best decision ever!

Camilo Parra Fajardo

As an international student, I would start by saying that there is more to university than just going to lectures and seminars: it is also a cultural experience. Certainly, leaving your country, friends, and family behind is surely hard for everyone. However, you just can’t imagine all the amazing experiences that are waiting for you here. Since my first day in Durham, I have been experiencing so many new things, meeting people from many different backgrounds and (of course) learning a lot. Durham University, and Durham itself are places in which you will feel welcome since the very beginning. I just wish I could stop time to enjoy all the activities this place has to offer!

COLFUTURO application

Sure, there are many things to do first, but everything begins with an idea. Indeed, it was COLFUTURO that helped me to make this project come true. The application is simple, and everything is explained carefully so you will understand how everything works really fast. Though, the process takes time; so, my recommendation for new applicants would be to start exploring the COLFUTURO webpage and try to gather all the required documentation, so you don’t have to rush by the deadline. Especially, focus on the essay even it is worth a small portion of the final mark, since having a good score will definitely increase your chances of getting the into the program.

Welcoming colleges

Besides being a well-ranked institution, you should know that you will be living in a charismatic city full of green spaces and wonderful events. I also would like to let you know that Durham University collegiate system is one of the best things you can get from this experience. I am currently living in St. John’s College, one of the seventeen colleges that DU has, and I couldn’t be any happier: we live in a small but charming community where people from all around the world gather to share, study, and have a good time. You might be afraid about coming to a new place (who doesn’t?), but you also should remember that everybody else is feeling the same way! Besides, you’ll get many opportunities to get into new activities (besides academics, for sure): formals, conferences, bar crawls and many clubs and societies you can choose from. Even though you don’t like partying or sports, there are many other things you can get involved with!

A lovely city

Likewise, Durham is a lovely and convenient place to live in. I live next to the Cathedral, and it’s amazing to hear the bells ringing from my window. Moreover, there are many places to explore nearby; and since Durham is in such a strategic spot in England, it will be easy for you to plan a trip with your friends. Also, there are plenty of stores and restaurants around, so you’ll find everything you need.

Finally, even if you may get homesick from time to time, I assure you that you’ll be surrounded by caring people. So, grab something that makes you feel like home before coming and be confident in yourself. I hope to see you here soon to let me know that just as I do, you’re happy about coming here!

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Camilo Parra Fajardo

Hi, I'm studying for an MA in Translation Studies and I'm a member of St. John’s College.

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