How I spend my Wednesday afternoons

Hannah Williams

In general, Wednesday afternoons allow me and my friends to relax and have fun. The Uni ensures that most people’s timetables are empty so that we can take part in sports and other societies and have a break from work. Best believe that I took advantage of this and joined as many groups as possible. I want to talk you through my afternoons to show that despite having a heavy degree (like Law in my opinion!) I still have time to actually socialise and chill.

It starts with coffee

At 1pm (ish) I usually meet up with other exec members of DU Negotiation Society to discuss the plans created for our fortnightly training sessions which take place on a Thursday. This is usually over coffee in town or at one of our houses. Since I am familiar with the other exec, this feels like more of a chat and catch up rather than work and so it’s something I look forward to each week. I always leave the meeting feeling accomplished and with completed session plans.


After this, I make my way to Hild Bede at around 2pm just in time for netball training. As Epiphany term goes on, training gets significantly better as the weather is so much warmer! This time gives me the opportunity to exercise and chill as well as see all my teammates before our match at the weekend. We usually practice different strategies and drills to improve our team strength and then play a few games at the end for some fun.


As soon as netball has finished, I run to the top of Hild Bede where I train with the college cheer team. This session is two hours long which usually consists of strength and conditioning training and then practice for our competition in Epiphany. A few girls from netball join me and so we go together to meet our other friends at cheer. Since it’s such a long session there are many breaks for chatting and resting. We also practice supporting each other by doing practice performances to show off our skills. By this point, I am usually starving and so a few of us run back home for dinner.

The Hild Bede cheer team


Not only is Wednesday afternoon dedicated to training or meeting with socs that I’m part of, but the evening is also usually reserved for the same thing. Most teams and groups have their socials on a Wednesday, and they often have crazy themes and challenges. This is true for most colleges and socs and so you will see so many more of your friends out even if they are not part of your team.

So, as you can see, my afternoon is action-packed and that’s how I love it but yours doesn’t have to be as hectic don’t worry! You have the freedom to choose whatever you fancy doing and sometimes you may decide to do some prep work instead. The most important thing to know is that the option is always there, and the possibilities are quite frankly endless.

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Hannah Williams

Hey, I’m Hannah and I’m a second-year law student from Hild Bede. I came to Durham knowing almost nobody else but through taking part in all of the sports and societies that Uni has to offer I have met so many new and interesting people!

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