Perfect plants for your uni room

Tanisha Rajan

So, you’ve decided that plants are the perfect way to spice up your uni room, but you lack enough light and memory to keep your plants watered. I suffered the same issues, and after many (many) dead plants, I’ve finally discovered a few species that seem to eventually bounce back and sometimes thrive no matter the neglect I seem to put them through.


Pothos leaves will grow over and out of their pots and look amazing hanging over a shelf, chest of draws or desk. They don’t require a lot of light so are perfect for bringing a little bit of life to dark rooms, and because of this their soil doesn’t dry out very quickly. You should only have to water them every week or as soon as the soil feels dry


Monsteras have been all over my Pinterest board, probably because of how gorgeous their leaves are! Like the Pothos, they don’t require a lot of light and you don’t have to water them too often. So, they are the perfect plants for people who don’t have time (or can’t remember) to water them every day. These plants are quick growing however, so make sure you’re willing to repot it if it gets too big!

Aloe Vera

Since Aloe Vera is a succulent, it grows amazingly in dry conditions. An added benefit is that you can always snap a leaf to use for your hair, skin and face!

Spider Plants

Although I’ve never had one myself, my mum does have a spider plant at home which is (at the time of writing) still alive. They don’t care to much if you forget to water them occasionally or if your room is a bit to hot or a little too cold. All they really need is bright to moderately bright indirect light. So you may want to leave this plant by a window sill.


Ivy looks gorgeous hanging off a shelf much like the Pothos, they grow in shady areas and are quite hardy plants. I had an ivy on the shelf of my first-year bedroom. I say had, because unfortunately my Ivy died as I left it in the care of a friend who forgot about it over Easter for over a month. So, as long as you don’t do this, I’m sure your Ivy will be there to support you for much longer than mine was. They are beautiful plants that will give your uni room that Pinterest vibe.


If you never remember to water your plants and have lots of light (or at least a windowsill) succulents are the perfect plant for you. I have a small one that I’ve had for a year now and it’s still going strong despite it being so small I usually forget about it.

Fake plants

If all else fails, then fake plants have got your back! They’re great because you aren’t restricted on where to put them because they don’t need light, or heat and they still liven up your room. Though, you may have to dust them occasionally.

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Tanisha Rajan

Hi! I’m Tanisha and I’m a final year undergraduate student studying BSc Geography at Castle. In my free time you could probably find me painting, drawing, or crocheting - basically anything creative, as well as being a member of the college cheer team!

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