Sophie’s Mini Challenge, part 3

Sophie Wright

This weekend just gone, I drove the best I’ve ever driven – and in considerably bad weather! The rain was pouring on Sunday, and only lightened slightly for the start of our race. Lights out and away we went!

Bumper to bumper

I managed to stay on the tail of my former teammate Sam, bumper to bumper as we bombed it around the track for 20 minutes. I made passes, defended, and held my ground until the penultimate lap where some contact from behind sent me into a spin. However, I managed to keep the clutch buried during this so that I didn’t stall the car. I caught the spin, chucked it into first gear, and hurried off down the track again trying to catch up.

Fast times

Whilst I finished in p26, my times were faster than the 10 cars in front of me – which is a massive improvement for me and something I am very proud of. Contact and bumps happen in racing, but I couldn’t have been happier about the outcome of that race!

The psychology

It is also interesting to look into the psychology of why I drive better in the rain than in the dry. And, I have come to the conclusion that when it is raining, and the visibility is so poor that I can only tell if a car is in front of me when the spray goes pink from the brake lights, it’s because I can’t see the track! If I can’t see it, I can’t be scared of it I guess!

The second race on Sunday didn’t quite go to plan however I am still buzzing off the first race!

What’s next?

That’s my update from the latest race weekend with the Mini Challenge!

The next race is the weekend of September 15th at Silverstone!

Then the last race after that is the weekend of November 5th at Brands Hatch. I can’t wait!

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*all pictures are taken by Sophie Mayes (AReeve Motorsport photographer)

Sophie Wright

Hi, I’m a Canadian student, studying Philosophy and Psychology and a member of Stephenson College. I’m currently taking part in the 2022 Mini Challenge - after only gaining my first taste of track racing last summer!

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