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Isabelle Parker
Bill Bryson Lilbrary

When I applied to Durham last year, I initially applied for BA in Accounting and Finance, however, I was offered the BSc Accounting programme instead. At this point, I hadn’t looked into pure Accounting so I was a bit worried as I didn’t know much about the course or the modules. However, after looking into it a bit more, I discovered that this course was more suited to me. The pure Accounting programme offers students the opportunity to become a chartered accountant quickly and easily, with some exams offering exemptions, meaning it will take less time to become a qualified accountant after graduation.

About the course

One of the best things about the BSc Accounting course is the number of students within the course. This year, there was about 40 of us, with some online students included. However, the BA Accounting and Finance has over 150 students. This means that the Accounting programme is much more personal and our modules are able to take place in person, unlike most other large-number degrees (especially because of covid). This is greatly advantageous because it means it’s easier to have a more personal and accessible relationship with lecturers and allows you to really get to know the people on your course and make some great friends!

What I enjoy about the course

Within the Accounting programme, I particularly enjoyed the first-term module; ‘Skills for the Professional Accountant’. This programme was very interactive which allowed us a break in between the more stimulating modules. As part of this module, we had to prepare presentations and were given the opportunity to present in front of professionals, which gave us great experience for the future. I particularly enjoyed the fact that it isn’t always necessarily about essays and maths equations but also having the opportunity to work in groups and learn valuable skills that will benefit us in our future accounting career.

Why choose the course?

If you choose to join the BSC Accounting programme at Durham, you’ll be able to significantly improve highly-anticipated skills, such as communication and presentation skills, have the opportunity to work with great, supportive professors and get to delve more into the accounting world. You will also be able to look forward to understanding the broad aspects of Accounting – many of which I didn’t know I’d be learning about. You have the chance to look more into the ethics of accounting, many business modules, law modules, and of course financial modules.

Department support

The support I have received so far at Durham from my lecturers has been outstanding – even compared to my friends on other courses. Because of the size of this particular course, it allows you to feel more comfortable with the professors and makes it much easier to be supported in many ways. The Accounting Department is a great department to be part of, and I feel very lucky with all the help and support I have received so far and continue to receive throughout each term and within each module.

I really recommend not only Durham University but also the BSc Accounting programme here at Durham. It is an excellent course to further enhance your accounting career, meet amazing people, make excellent connections, and obtain all the skills you will need for your future.

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Isabelle Parker

Hi, my name is Isabelle and I’m a first-year student studying BSc Accounting. I am part of John Snow College and love getting involved in extra-curricular activities. A fun fact about myself is that I’m Vegan

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