What’s it like studying Business?

Hamza Shawwa

Studying Business at Durham is one of the most positively impactful decisions I’ve made so far. Being at a top 5 university in the country for my course has given me exposure to many experienced and learned professors which have driven my academic experience towards success and studying with extremely motivated leaders of the future has helped me grow into a more well-rounded person.

If I had to sum up a Business & Management degree into one word, it would be Inclusive. Inclusive of everything, from academic input by world-class lecturers, access to quality resources (both academic and non-academic), insight from Durham students from all around the world, and a well-rounded degree that will propel any person who takes it into a bright future. It is for those main reasons, along with stellar university rankings, that I have chosen Durham to do this degree.

Lots of opportunities

In my 2 years of studying here, I have had modules that cover everything from International HRM, to financial accounts, to global data solutions. This means I have been adequately prepared to understand virtually every aspect of being a part of, or running, a business. Furthermore, the opportunities to expand beyond the main content are endless. For example, this year I took a module called Principles of Business Law, which has introduced me to another aspect of business which I haven’t explored before.

These opportunities, among others, are really what drive it home for me here at Durham University. It’s the ability to go beyond, that attracts me the most, and I’m hugely grateful for it. In terms of non-academic experiences, I don’t even know where to begin. The major advantage of being in a world-class university is being surrounded by students of an extremely high calibre, with experiences of their own to share and to grow our global outlook. To do this, I go to many business-related societies, including the Business Society, Sustainable Finance Society, and the Global Trading & Investment Society. These each tackle a more specific area of business that I would like to develop, and it’s the perfect place to do so. Through social events, informative seminars, and casual meets, these opportunities form the backbone of the non-academic experience at the Business School.

Naturally, without career prospects, any degree is futile. Therefore, the Business School goes above and beyond by providing professional career services that take everything I’ve learned here, into a promising career. The easiest example of this is doing an Industrial Placement, something which I have recently secured at Lloyds Bank. The wonderful efforts of the placement team, and the insight from other well-motivated students, as mentioned above, have helped me secure a strong footing for a solid career in a field I have a deep interest in. That is the point of my journey here, to achieve a fruitful, tangible outcome, and without the help I’ve received here, and the experiences I’ve gained, I don’t know if it would’ve been possible otherwise.

My advice

Considering everything I have mentioned above, and the experiences I’ve had with my College and wider community here at Durham, this period, with all its challenges, has been one of the best in my life. My advice would be to embrace the opportunity with open arms, step out of your comfort zone, and as Robin Williams once famously said: “Carpe Diem”, or “Seize the day”.

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Hamza Shawwa

Hello! My name is Hamza, I’m a second-year Business & Management student at Hatfield College. I love the unique experience Durham has to offer and try to get involved as much as I can. I’ve held many positions in my College’s JCR (Junior Common Room), and love debating, which is why I frequent the Durham Union, and reeling with the Caledonian Society!

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