Women in Tech Global Conference – a student perspective

Khansa Ismail

In this blog, I will reflect on my personal experience of attending the Women Tech Global Conference which took place from 7th – 11th June 2021.

What’s the conference about and where did it take place?

Women Tech Global Conference is one of the largest events that celebrates women in technology and emphasises the importance of women’s contribution to the tech field. It welcomes all genders and connects people of different educational backgrounds to exchange experiences. Moreover, the Women Tech Global conference is a platform, which attracts not only learners but also experts and employers. It is empowered by the interest in technology and lightened by a friendly environment, which makes everyone feel like they belong to the tech field.

The conference took place online by Hopin Virtual Platform and lasted for five days, usually from 9 am to 5 pm. I was lucky to get an access ticket to the conference, which gave me an opportunity to enrich my knowledge and widen my network.

Where did I find about it and get a ticket?

I always keep my eyes on articles related to women in technology. Once I was browsing through LinkedIn and I found that one of my supervisors was attending the conference. I read about the conference, and it grabbed my attention. I managed to get a FREE ticket through Durham University Women in Technology (DUWIT). Herein I would like to assert the importance of breaking the ‘shyness fence’. If I did not ask I wouldn’t have got a free ticket. Basically, my new motto is “ to ask is to learn”.

What is the conference like?

Topics that have been discussed at the conference, “How to become a conference speaker?”, “Imposter Syndrome and battles of Imposter”, and “Essential dimensions to achieve personal growth”.

I would like to put the spotlight on one of the topics discussed, which I found quite appealing. The topic is “Your Cycle, Your Superpower”. It mentions the focal point of not comparing ourselves to others, as sometimes comparison could drag you down instead of rising up. The topic is dedicated to people, who faced obstacles that stopped them from following their dreams. It is basically saying that we should listen to ourselves, our needs, and our bodies. Moreover, pausing does not mean the end of your journey. You always have a chance to continue.

Highs and lows of attending the conference

The many highs    

  • I had the chance to join open space lounge powered by leading companies such as Amazon.
  • I had interesting conversations and got into discussions where ideas where exchanged.
  • I increased my connections on LinkedIn.
  • I listened to leaders and experts and learned from their experiences.
  • I got the chance to know about new companies that support students and offer them Internships.

The one low

  • Sometimes it was not easy to find the live timetable of activities scheduled.
Screenshot taken on the 5th day of the conference. The discussion was about “resources for empowering women in school and communities”.


By attending the conference, I boosted my confidence as a woman in tech, I learned that sharing experience and admitting difficulties does not come from weakness but from strength.

To sum up, I grounded that if I wish, I will and if I will, I could always achieve my goals. It is never too late.

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Khansa Ismail

I am Khansa, a second year Computer Science student from St John’s College. I attended Women Tech Global Conference 2021 and planning to attend next year. Kindly, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn with any questions, I will be glad to answer!

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